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co~mis~sions~~ !!


pssst i’m opening up commissions for a little while because apartment living is far more expensive than i’d anticipated!! 

here’s my commission information, if you’re interested.

i’ll prob also do like really simple cleaned up bust sketches for $12, if you want something like that instead! 

message me if you’re interested, and we can go from there  <333


I see and write a lot of “DON’T DO THIS!!!” posts, so I thought I would make a “DO THIS!!!” post.
General Requests
More POC in leading roles
More important friendships
More queer characters in leading roles
More disabled characters in leading roles
More genderqueer and trans characters in leading roles
Realistic women in leading roles
Happier/more positive characters and messages
45 Things I Want to See More Of (Part 2)
Black Villains
Boys in YA
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Female Character Traits
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My wish list tag is always updating and includes posts containing things I would like to see in fiction. characterandwritinghelp has a similar tag.
The plot bunnies tag is likewise updating and includes posts that I think would make for an interesting story.
More Things I Would Like to See
Steampunk with different ethnic influences alongside the gears
Utopias that try really hard to be good, even though they aren’t and never will be perfect
Science and magic coexisting
Creation stories - stories that focus on building and growth rather than destruction
People are good themes
Extroverted protagonists
Environments other than temperate deciduous
Stories centered on art
Stories without war
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Hi guys! I’ve decided to open commissions here on tumblr (finally!) and for now I’ll be starting with the pencil art I do with blue lead. (I have to buy myself a new pen for my pen tablet so I can do digital ones soon 8D )You can either send me an ask or email me at technicolordame@gmail.com, (which is also my paypal e-mail account) to commission me!I’ll be taking 5 slots at a time, and will reopen them once I finish each batch.Commission System:1.) Payment comes first, before I start drawing. 2.) For fully-rendered sketches, I’ll be sending a preliminary sketch (layout) for approval before completing the drawing.3.) I don’t draw anything ‘not safe for work’ or material that leans towards that.
4.) I can only locally send the hard copy for the artwork (within the Philippines)- what I will be providing to people outside the country is a 300-600 dpi scan of the artwork.
5.) I will clean it up in Photoshop unless you don’t want me to do so. 8)
6.) No cancellations, please. 8( This is my only way to save up money.7.) Rush commissions will be charged extra, for normal commissions, waiting time can be least one week to a month (depending on the complexity of your commission- a month is stretching it, but I will be sending updates!). I won’t be taking new commissions unless I finish a batch, so don’t worry about getting pushed back in line.8.) If there’s a problem about your commission, please tell me at the earliest point you can, I work very hard on the rendering for these and there is no ‘undo’ button for traditional art. Please signal boost if you can’t commission me! 8’) I’m saving up for a lot of things (school, medicine, a new tablet pen) so it will certainly be appreciated! Thank you!!! &lt;333Current slots filled can be viewed here!

guys i still have two slots open, if anyone’s interested? 8)