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hi, guys! as quite a few of you probably know, i recently moved across the country! doing that is insanely expensive and is leaving my funds severely depleted and i still need to be able to buy some nice things for my new apartment and a cat tree for my adorable cat ophelia. unfortunately (or fortunately for you all), all that stuff is pretty dang expensive, so i’ve decided to make a new commissions post!

about these commissions:

  • availability is limited. i will stop taking commissions when i have raised sufficient funds.
  • prices are per character
  • prices are for non-commercial work only*
  • i retain all rights to the finished images
  • i retain the right to turn down any commission i do not feel comfortable drawing
  • you must be able to pay upfront, though if needed we can negotiate a payment plan
  • if needed, i can provide a first revision of the finished image for free. additional revisions will be priced on a case by case basis
  • commissions do not include backgrounds
  • prices do not include any major design work
  • i take payment through paypal

if you are interested, please email me at (this email is also my paypal)

*for full illustrative or commercial work, please contact me and provide the necessary information and i will be happy to quote you a price


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to try commissions again, though I’m still rather inexperienced so please be patient. I’d really like to be able to buy my mum a nice birthday gift so I’m hoping this attempt is much more successful than the first. Thank you so much for any support or reblogs!! 

simple flat color $7-10

complex sketch $15-20

full color $25-30

if you’re interested please email! Best wishes and thank you once again!
(all images above are my own, image 7 is ava from ava’s demon)



EMAIL: cloakii@yahoo
Ask Box: x

Payment is paypal only, please message me beforehand! 

Prices are based off the complexity of the work!! Keys are still accepted, just ask me the price first! 

I will do any design with a proper reference!!

I will NOT do anything NSFW (I do partial nudity and gore, but that’s it), offensive , mecha, or realistic animals.

I am willing to do things such as sprays, sidebars, banners, etc! Go thru my art tag for more examples!! 



Open for sketch commissions!

- Headshot & bust

- OC & Fan art OK!

- You can send me an ask/fanmail or email to if interested or have any question!


Hello! I’m starting commissions for the first time so here is my commission info post.Right now I have the basic info up.Ill fix it up with new information if needed.

I only accept paypal


✪ Backgrounds 

Backgrounds include

  • Basic: example: shapes and a bit of abstract with gradient colors.
  • advanced: example: clouds,grasses,buildings,etc (+ $5.00 USD )


✪ OCs are ALWAYS welcome. ✪

Please provide me with decent references and short detailed information about what you want.

  1. If requesting an OC, please give character name, appearance, personality.
  2. If requesting fanart, please give character name and what show/movie/comic they are from.
  3. If I have any further questions upon your commission, I’ll be sure to bring it up upon discussion.


✪ NSFW ✪

I accept NSFW requests Prices depend on how graphic the content is.




If you are interested, please e-mail me at:!  or send me an ask to my inbox.

If you are unsure about how to use paypal this post could be helpful

Thank you very much! ♥


commissions are open! finally! if you’d like to purchase a commission from me please email me at! payment is through paypal

prices are not static!! sometimes i may decide to charge differently depending on what it is i’m doing or how the $$ situation is going, so take the prices listed as more of a general outline! (i do tend to stick to it though)

if you’d like to see more of my art head over here! thank u and have a great day B)


HELLO! THESE ARE BIRTHDAY COMMISSIONS!! because it is my birthday soon and i am completely determined to take my friends out to lunch/dinner this year like a proper host!! but somehow despite my best efforts i ended up with, like, multiple friends? so now i need a lil extra padding financially before i can really justify doing that, so [throws thumbtacks in the air] commissions! here we go!

the examples aren’t particularly great, it’s OK to assume your order will end up being a bit better/more detailed in general than what you see

to ship the traditional inked pages: postage is included for domestic orders, but residents from outside of Australia have to help me out a bit—if you want the physical copy shipped to you, it’ll be an extra $5. but that’s optional, you’ll still have the neatly scanned/cleaned digital version either way!!

  • I’ll draw OCs, fanart, people, critters, anthros/monsters, etc. I don’t mind drawing blood/gore or nudity, and I’ll even attempt porny stuff!
  • I do reserve the right to decline your request for whatever reason.
  • Prices are subject to changes depending on how complex your order is! They could go up or down, we can discuss it
  • Pets, large props, detailed backgrounds, porn etc may incur surcharges, considered on a case-to-case basis.

All prices are in AUD and I will be taking upfront payment via PayPal for these. You can contact me via ask or email me at! please just fill out the subject of your email as “COMMISSION” or something similar hehe <3

  • You can supply as much or as little info as you want, and I’m willing to work off text only for OCs, BUT you have to keep in mind that the less info i have the less spot-on the final design might be! I enjoy having a little free rein, so if your character is open to interpretation, let me know. If you prefer your characters to strictly adhere to your set design, that is fine too, you just gotta tell me first! c: (When you’re requesting art of your OCs, though, one thing I do prefer to know is a little something about your character’s personality! It helps my process a lot.)
  • I usually forget to send WIPs unless I am specifically requested to, so if you want them please ask! I’m happy to send as many as you need, I’m just forgetful, hehe.
  • By default your commission will be put on my art blog, so please let me know ahead of time if you don’t want it published, or not posted til after a certain date, for any reason!

want me to draw something you don’t see in the post?? I’ll probably be more than happy to! Just inbox me with an inquiry, maybe a link to another picture i’ve drawn that looks the way you want your thing to look, and I will give you a quote!

thank you for your time <3