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The New and Improved Evan Commissions post.

Please read my ToS!! It’s full of a bunch of useful information regarding commissions.

These are just base prices. For every extra character add $5 dollars. The price also varies depending on the complexity of your character, but its very unlikely that I will charge extra.

Pixels are priced by the final size, so anything under 100x100 would be $8 and anything above 100x100 you would add on $2 to that $8

Simple animations (like floating or bobbing) are free. (ex. 1)

Examples of complex animation: (ex. 1) (ex. 2) (ex. 3)

Thanks for taking the time to look at this!! Spreading this post around will be highly appreciated <3




Commission time!

I truly deeply need money as an unemployed out of College artist. Money is really an issue these days, but I won’t bother you with the details.

What I will bother YOU with is the details of the commissions! For a piece more of less like this, the starter price is a 100$ flat! If you want many details, extra characters/animals/creatures and a very complex background, it’ll be more. We’ll discuss that over email. Also, add an extra 5 dollars if you want a big size resolution of the finished drawing. Do NOT send me asks or PMs here, tumblr is very sketchy about what’s delivered and what’s not. So instead, email me at

All payments are made via paypal and you’ll take your end of the paypal fees.

Every reblog, like (or direct commission) is DEEPLY appreciated! I’m pretty much willing to try my hands on everything from furries to yaoi and everything in between (included fan art.)

Thanks for your time <3

I’ll keep 5 slots open for now:

1. Taken

2. Taken

3. Taken



Two Three slots taken, please help me to fill them all!

If you’re looking to commission some amazing art, look no further!! The compositions, textures, and colors are stunning.


Rules and shit

  • Money must be paid upfront before the commission will be started
  • Only one character per commission
  • Work produced is for personal reasons only
  • I reserve my right to decline a commission
  • Payment: Paypal only

Things i will draw:

  • OC’s, Fanart
  • Humans, Monsters, Robots

Things i will NOT draw:

  • Furries
  • Dragons (Maybe anthro dragons but no full on dragons dragons)
  • NSFW

If you are interested, either send me an ask or an E-mail to


It’s that time of year! ~*Commission time*~ I’m moving soon, so I have to save up c:

Message me through DeviantArtTumblr, or E-Mail []

As always, if you guys don’t want one or simply can’t, a simple signal boost will be much loved! <3



Hey there! I need to pull in a little extra money to pay to bills while I search  for something closer to my degree range. If anyone has maybe a few dollars to spare and would also be interested in a single character design or portrait please send over a note or an ask in my inbox!


Hello there! There are still several slots open if anyone would like one of these commissions!

1. Mindytheturtle (Final Colors)

2.Meister Li ( Base Colors)

3.PrincessCanary (Inks)

4.R.Yeager (Inks)








hey!!! im doing some commissions in this style to have some extra money for art supplies and such since theyre really putting a strain on my wallet this semester. i’ll be offering these indefinitely most likely, how fast i am able to draw them will mostly depend on how much work i’m doing for school at the time, but hopefully it wont be too much of a problem, i’ll let you know when you email me what my schedule is like.

i will NOT be offering finished pieces just because i do not have the time for it, flat colors or minimal shading is the most i’m doing. please feel free to email me with your idea if you are not sure of the cost, we can work something out :-) prices listed are per character.

nudity is a-ok, sexually explicit content is not. most other things i’m willing to give a shot, just send an email if you arent sure and i can let you know!

PLEASE send any messages to !!!!!! do not send messages on tumblr because it is very unreliable, if you need to then fanmail is preferable. once we work out what you want i’ll give you my paypal email, payment up-front is preferred but i can work with you if you’re more comfortable otherwise

thank you!!!! reblogs are much appreciated


hi! i only have 1 commission left in my queue so i figure id start advocating my commissions again so id have money for the holiday season..!

i raised the prices by like 2 dollars because i felt like i was putting in more work than i was getting paid sometimes x __ x;; 

anywho prices range depending on complexity, as always! a signal boost is much appreciated!! thank you

if youre interested/have any questions please email me at [please dont inbox me via tumblr because tumblr eats asks :-P]




I’m going to be taking 3 at a time. You can contact me at tianaoreglia at Payment through paypal only please! if you want an added character or some sort of complex background we can discuss pricing through email.






Worth every penny


i told myself to wait til october to post but i finished it early and got too excited about halloween ANYWAY




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Since i still have things to pay for and because paying 3$ for doodles is more popular than 15$ quality things IM BRINGIN THIS BACK~….AGAIN

5 slots are now open~

send mean e-mail of what you want doodled!!  if its fanart or ur own OC whatever is fine with me as long as links or images are attached to the e-mail

Please send to

When I’m done i’ll post it here and tag you in the description! 

payments can be made to 
through paypal!